Plants Relocation


Just as families may decide to move their place of residence, so too, plants may decide to move their place of operations to a new destination. The move may be due to a variety of reasons, including:

1.  A desire to expand activity, requiring a move to a larger area.

2. The need to be closer to different markets in order to reduce shipping costs.

3. Collaborations with new investors.

4. Economic benefits – Sometimes, a move to a different country allows the company to take advantage of the tax benefits offered in the new destination. In this case, the plant is moved, because in the new country, manpower is less expensive or due to another advantage that may increase the company’s revenues.

5. Avoiding being hurt economically as a result of changes in the laws of the country in which the company is presently located.


In order to start the process of relocating a plant to a new destination, preliminary planning is required, including a detailed diagram of the new area. Based on the conditions at the new destination and your content, an experienced shipping company can customize a professional solution for you that meets your needs.

Overseas relocation of a plant is not just the physical moving of equipment from one area to the next; it is a process that includes preparing the area, and meeting the standards and laws of the new country. In addition, the whole bureaucratic process must be coordinated, the required documents and authorizations must be obtained, you must ensure that your equipment is in keeping with the laws of the country and may be used (for example, if the plant relocates with its machinery to another country that is not in Europe – where the electricity voltage is the same as in Israel, there is a need to adapt the electrical system of the plant to the local network).

Relocating the plant and meeting the required authorizations is a process that requires the assistance of an experienced professional company that specializes in the process and knows which documents are required and which standards must be met. An experienced shipping company that specializes in relocation of plants will help you relocate in the most efficient and fastest manner. A company with experience and extensive knowledge in the field will save you a great deal of money.


After you understood what the move requires of you and after you started planning the move, you must select a professional company with a skilled team, which has experience in relocation of plants. An experienced shipping company will know how to customize a professional solution for you, that takes your content and scheduling into account. The shipping company will guide you with regard to the documents required to relocate the plant and will help you promote the bureaucratic processes. The ability of the shipping company to help you organize the documents, move the equipment and meet the standards required by law will help you to save precious time.

At Eagle Shipping, we are at your service, ready to provide you with professional consultation and personal support from the planning stage until the entire process is completed. Eagle Shipping offers a professional team, experienced in plant relocation. The team will ensure that your equipment is moved intact and without problems. As a company with vast experience in the relocation of plants and companies, Eagle Shipping is familiar with the documents, authorizations and requirements of the authorities; and consequently, we are available to you regarding any issue. We can explain which documents must be organized, what standards are required and how the process can be expedited.

In summary, if you are planning to move or relocate your plant, start preliminary and organized planning of the move and contact an experienced and professional shipping company. A professional company will offer you an experienced team that will spare you from dealing with all the bureaucratic proceedings, saving you precious time that you can use for the benefit of your business.

Contact us to begin the process of relocating your plant.