Import and Export

Import and Export

About Importing

Importing is a trade process in which merchandise is sent from country to country by international shipping.  If you are a company or a private individual wishing to import products, you are legally required to pay taxes set down by the customs authorities.

Note that there are a number of different types of import, which influence the tax prices that you are charged.  If you wish to import products in a quick and efficient manner, you should use the services of a customs broker.  A customs broker is a professional and certified agent who is familiar with the procedures of the various authorities and the standards required in each country from which you wish to import merchandise.  He is a professional who will save you time spent on long bureaucratic procedures, help you meet the necessary standards and enable you to expedite the import process.

About Exporting

If you wish to sell services or merchandise from one country to another using international trade methods, you must meet the requirements of the customs authorities both in the import country and the export country.  The export process can be conducted in number of ways, such as the indirect export process, in which an individual or company exports through another exporter.

The export of products requires a great emphasis on the authorities’ requirements.  Failure to meet these requirements will lead to a delay in the process and possibly to unnecessary additional expenses.  During the export process, there are a number of main components to be considered: international trade agreements, the required documents, payment methods, export insurance and international shipping.

With regard to trade agreements, emphasis should be placed on the fact that sales and purchasing deals between exporter and importer are comprised of  a number of contracts.  They include the sales contract, insurance, payment and shipping.  There are four main payment methods: an open account, advance payment, billing documents and documentary credit (the documents serve as the undertaking opened by the bank for payment to guarantee the sum established in the contract by the beneficiary/exporter).

In international trade, there are important documents that are essential for the promotion of the export process.  They include the following:  the export entry, certificate of origin and bill of lading.  In order to export the products, you should have a shipping company ship the merchandise. The exporter should be aware of the importance of the shipping and the customs brokerage services; and consequently, he should select an experienced shipping company.

With regard to export insurance, there are three main types.  There are A, B, and C type insurance policies.  As exporters, it is important to fully understand the components of the export process, so you can manage the process in an efficient manner.

Packaging for Export

One of the most important aspects of the import and export process, which is the responsibility of the local company, is finding suitable high quality packaging for export that will protect the equipment and enable the buyer to receive the merchandise intact.  Ensure that you pack the product well.  Mistakes may be costly and can lead to a loss of customers.

Good packaging is part of good service and protects the product’s integrity. Export packaging requires attention to a number of unique aspects. It is designed to protect the cargo against damages throughout the journey and consequently, we recommend that you work with a shipping company that offers such a service.

Details of the shipment items must be displayed clearly and appropriately on the packaging for export, in order to expedite the processes that take place both on the sender’s end and the recipient’s end.

In summary, if you are interested in import and export, learn about the customs requirements and the export components and obtain the help of appropriate professionals, who will ship the equipment and work with the various authorities.  In addition, ensure that the shipping company offers packing services, particularly in the field of export.  Import and export can be conducted with ease, if the factors mentioned above are taken care of.

About Eagle Shipping and its Expertise in Import and Export

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