Customs Clearance

Who is a Customs Broker and What is Customs Clearance?

One of the main components in international trade is customs.  A customs broker – also called a customs agent – organizes all the bureaucratic activity with the tax authorities related to import/export, shipping and receiving merchandise and cargo, organizing documents and professional consultation for those sending and receiving the shipment or the importers and exporters.  Customs brokerage is learned as a profession in special courses and an internship, after which a customs broker license is received from the Customs and VAT Division of the Tax Authority.  It is important to pay careful attention to the customs services, in order to save yourself unnecessary headaches, time and costs.

The Customs Broker’s Job

The customs broker is a professional with a great deal of expertise in the field of international trade.  Customs brokerage is critical.  Without it, it is impossible or at the least, very difficult, to advance with the process of moving or shipping merchandise.  The customs broker is familiar with the connections with and between the bureaucratic institutions and his job is to send them all the necessary documents, so the shipment or process of transferring or receiving merchandise can proceed quickly and without problems.  The customs broker who works with the international shipping companies and is well acquainted with the various shipping channels can help you shorten the process and spare you the effort.

The customs broker maintains a direct and ongoing relationship with overseas authorities, sends them the appropriate documents and ensures that the process runs smoothly.  An efficient customs broker assists you throughout the entire shipping process, from beginning to end, starting with professional consultation, receiving the right documents, sending them to the relevant institutions, and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the authorities and with you with regard to all aspects of the process.  At the end of this process, the customs broker’s job is to ensure that you have received all the authorizations or the merchandise that you require.

Customs brokerage conducted by an experienced professional agent saves you time otherwise spent on bureaucracy, thanks to the professional expertise that the agent has amassed over the years in finding solutions to specific problems.  These include restrictions of the different government ministries, related to health, veterinary, licensing, etc., various customs charges issued by the authorities, customs barriers, etc.  The relationships with the authorities and finding the shortest and most efficient methods to solve the problem enable the customs broker to streamline the shipping process for you and save you both time and money.

Customs Brokerage –  Significant Savings

The experienced professional customs broker can help you significantly save money on tax issues.  One of the main issues handled by the customs broker is handling the classification of merchandise.  This issue is very complex, where the goal of the country is to classify each product in terms of its maximum level of taxation.  In contrast, the importer is interested in the lowest level of taxation.  An expert customs broker knows how to suit a given product to the minimum level of taxation, whereby reducing import costs significantly.

How to Choose a Professional Customs Broker

Since this is an essential service that can streamline the process for you, it is very important for you to select professional customs brokerage services at a fair price that is based on experience in the field.  In order for you to benefit from professional services of a skilled customs broker, you should select a professional and experienced international shipping company, with many years of experience in the field, which knows what is necessary in order to clear each item – such as a vehicle, collectable items, merchandise shipments or any other item.

At Eagle Shipping, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge in the field of international shipping and customs brokerage services.  We would be pleased to offer you our experience, reputation and connections in the field, in order to help you complete the shipping process quickly and efficiently.  We will provide you with professional consultation and personal support, explain which documents you require, connect you with a professional tax broker and save you the unnecessary headaches and time involved in dealing with the authorities and bureaucracy.

In order to select a customs broker, you must investigate a number of things:

1. Make sure that the shipping company he works with is recognized and well known.

2. Check to see if he has an official customs broker’s license, to ensure he is a professional who
works in the field.

3. Ask him for general professional consultation outline in the matter of your shipment.

A professional customs broker will explain the procedures, the existing restrictions regarding merchandise and authorizations and how to conduct the process in the fastest and safest manner.  In addition, a professional customs broker will know how to reduce the costs involved in importing merchandise and will handle the negotiations for you in the event you receive additional bureaucratic or financial requirements from the authorities.

In summary:  For efficient and quick shipment, contact us.  , As an experienced shipping company, Eagle Shipping will introduce you to an experienced certified customs broker and provide you with personal support throughout the process.