Artwork Shipping

Shipping Artwork is Not Just Any Shipment!

Every item you choose to ship is sensitive and important, but this is particularly true of shipping works of art.  Works of art are unique and valuable articles and that is how we treat them at Eagle Shipping.  We are very sensitive to this subject and in order to protect artwork, we offer you the assistance of an experienced professional team to ensure the sensitive and careful handling of your shipment. The team takes all safety measures required to prevent possible damage; so that your works of art arrive at their destination in the same condition they were sent.

Import/Export of Works of Art Requires Professional Attention

Eagle Shipping’s team is trained in packing and shipping methods that suit all types of cargo and articles.  Our professional team will offer professional consultation and personal support from the beginning of this process until your artwork reaches its final destination intact.

The staff at Eagle Shipping uses high quality durable wooden crates and cardboard boxes to ship artwork.  These crates optimally protect your artwork.  The packing of works of art is conducted only after a thorough inspection of the cargo and after a professional appraiser examines the content volume and other aspects, such as: the shipment’s destination, time schedule, and the scope of the job.

Shipping Artwork with Maximum Protection

The thorough and professional inspections are designed to ensure the integrity of the objects and to ensure that you are quoted a fair price and provided with efficient and professional service that meets your time schedule.  At Eagle Shipping, we are aware of the importance of your shipment; and therefore, after we precisely characterize the type of cargo, we will find the most effective and safe solutions for your works of art, taking into account all factors that may affect the shipment.

These factors include:

•    Preventing moisture and damp
•    Preventing damage caused by extreme temperatures
•    Proper sealing of the package
•    Protection against physical damage

Close Personal Support for Each Shipment of Artwork

We offer you the assistance of our professional team at every stage of the shipment process, starting with the preliminary consultation and evaluation of the content until your artwork reaches its destination intact.  At Eagle Shipping, all of the artwork sent by our company is treated as the most important work of art.  With sensitivity, professional experience and taking the appropriate cautionary measures, we ensure that your artwork reaches its destination, on time, completely intact.