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Eagle Shipping

Eagle Shipping is a leading company that provides international shipping services, import of luxury cars, import/export of personal possessions and machinery, customs clearance and relocation of plants.  With over 30 years of experience in the field, the Company maintains professional relationships with key figures in the market, who are familiar with its professionalism and cooperate with Eagle Shipping on a regular basis.

International shipping is a complex field that involves a great deal of bureaucracy and complex logistic operation.  Consequently, it is of vital importance to retain an international shipping company with experience, reputation and proven performance in all stages required in this field.  A professional shipping company will know how to execute the shipping process effectively and quickly from beginning to end, in order to provide the customer with quality service and peace of mind, when it comes to his shipping needs.

At Eagle Shipping, we understand the customer’s needs and the type of shipment required, the level of urgency and the sensitivity of the equipment.  Later, together with the customer, we select the method of shipment that is best suited to the customer.  In the field of international shipping, there are many types of merchandise and cargo to be shipped in various methods, where the most efficient of these takes into consideration the safety factors and the level of urgency for the customer.  Eagle Shipping insists upon high quality and efficient service; and consequently it attributes great importance to the subject of safety.  The Company’s professional team has a great deal of experience in the field and therefore, it adheres to safety procedures and ensures that your merchandise is protected and shipped intact.

At Eagle Shipping, we are aware of the various bureaucratic institutions and thanks to our professional staff with expertise in the field, the Company handles transit permits for the merchandise, the relevant documents and all the shipping related needs.  The Company provides a professional custom clearance service- a very critical service that allows us to shorten the time it takes to send and receive cargo.
The variety of services provided by the Company enable it to offer high quality and fast solutions to any possible need in the field.  The Company executes all types of shipments: sea, ground or air shipment – depending on the needs of the customer.  The Company also provides additional services such as: the shipping of personal possessions and machinery, relocation of plants, personal import – including vehicles, and storage services.

As a professional and dynamic company that is aware of  life’s many changes, Eagle Shipping provides personal and professional support to anyone in need of relocation services.  Moving from one country to another requires focused planning of the move and shipping services.  Due to the complexity and sensitivity of this process, the Company’s professional staff is there to support the customer throughout the entire process.

At Eagle Shipping, we are at your service and are delighted to offer you professional advice and support at every stage of the process.  Our experienced professional staff is available to customize a quick professional solution for any need that may arise during this process.
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